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Gundam Universe RX-78-2 Gundam

It’s absolutely terrifying to realize in the awful dystopian future year of 2020 that it’s been about sixteen years since the end of Bandai’s big push to get Gundam toys into American toy aisles, an effort that ended with a last-gasp cough of 4″ Gundam SEED figures in the style of the Wing, Universal Century, and G Gundam figures that had previously littered Walmarts, Targets, and Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide. What a time that was — when you could walk into Walmart and come out with a sturdy plastic Zeon Gallop and a handful of Zakus and Doms! (Seriously, Bandai really wanted the original Gundam to be a thing in the early ’00s — it was nuts, but the good kind of nuts. The kind that got us a deluxe Zaku set that came with a Magella Attack Tank so you bash them together into a Zaku Tank. I miss those days …)


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Well, hello there, dear reader! I’m Captain JLS, your faithful Robotech / comics / ’80s robot toy fanatic (over twenty years now of making loud noises about Robotech on the internet, which is utterly horrifying), welcoming you to my shiny new blog. Having given in to the idea that 2020 is the start of a new decade and tidied up my living situation within the past six months, it seemed the right time to press the eject button on my largely abandoned previous home on the web and get a fresh start under a unified branding umbrella. The screen name I’ve been using since high school — and which I still use on my Robotech-related videos on YouTube (and by which I refer to myself above) — seemed the easiest bit of nomenclature to attach everything to, hence the site you see before you.