Movies 2019, Part 3

Well, this all kinda fell apart last year, didn’t it?

As is obvious, I’ve been radio silent on this shiny “new” blog since March, with the exception of a couple of YouTube cross-posts in April & May. I don’t think I need to tell you it was a rough, miserable 2020, even for folks like me who still have a job and their health (more or less) — and a lot of the stressors of that year still linger into the new one. But here we are, with the invitingly stark, blank canvas of 2021 looming ahead, and I’m going to take this opportunity to try ever-so-hard to get back into the groove of things here and start Doing Stuff again, starting with finishing out this particular project, doing capsule reviews of everything I saw in 2019 (to be followed shortly thereafter by my round-up of 2020) — and boy, if my memories of some of these flicks were scattered this time last year, now it’s a whole ‘nother year later! This should be fun!