Comics Month In Review

The Comics I Read in March 2023

My dear pal David, who ferries me to Joplin every two weeks to go on the prowl for back issues, action figures, and the like, had spent seven days straight at work two weekends ago, so he was just not up to going out and about on our usual regularly scheduled trek. I totally get needing a break from encounters with the general public, so I don’t begrudge him this, but that is why there hasn’t been one of those posts for a spell. (We did make this weekend’s trip yesterday, so once I’ve recovered from writing this monster, there’ll be a look at what I snagged this weekend — it being a holiday, there was a buy-one, get-one sale on all back issues, so yeah, I got a few things. Like, over a hundred in fact.)

Today, though, we’re going to take a look at the even more absurd stack of comics that I actually read over the course of the month of March. I burned through several semi-recent series backlogs this past month — and I’ve got a few more to charge through this month (how many issues behind am I on Star Wars: Doctor Aphra at this point? And let’s not even talk about Monstress or The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries), on top of catching up with the latest on a titles I have been bothering to dig into month-in and month-out. And let’s not forget the back issues, because it’s not like I’m just buying them to stack up around the apartment …

Back Issue Haul Comics

This Week’s Comics Haul, 3/12/23

There are few things that could be more dangerous to my bank account or credit card limit than Vintage Stock deciding that the month’s buy-one-get-one back issue theme/franchise is the X-Men. And yet, because for some reason the Vintage Stock staff (at both Joplin locations, in fact) aren’t checked out on how exactly the buy-one-get-one discount gets rung up I finished my run having spent just a smidge over fifty-three bucks between the two locations despite the utterly mad pile of comics I’m about to describe to you. Here’s hoping there isn’t any kind of audit that gets someone written-up or fired; I told the nice girl at the counter at the Rangeline location that the total she gave me seemed awfully low, but she didn’t seem too bothered. Oh well, I tried!