TurboSaga 2020 A.D.

TurboSaga 2020 AD: The TG-16 Mini Library Part 2 & The Club Turbo Catalog 1992

In which Captain JLS first completes the roster of TurboGrafx-16 Mini games over a month after the mini console was supposed to ship (but, joke’s on us, it only actually shipped in Japan), then sets aside an evening to flip through some old TTI-produced marketing literature.

So, in my exhaustion after completing the second episode of TurboSaga I failed to post it up here, so now that I’ve also completed a 37 minute so-called Minisode — a minimally-edited (so enjoy all the “ums” and “uhs”) piece I could knock out in a night — I’ve got the pair of them up here for ya, so can set aside a whole movie’s worth of time to listen to me gabbing about TurboGrafx games, as I am wont to do.

The plan after the proper TurboSaga episode was to do that relatively quick This Robotech Thing, ruminating on the franchise at thirty-five on the occasion of just turning thirty-nine myself, but I decided to push that back a couple of weeks, and I’d been wanting to dig into the old Turbo marketing library anyway; likewise, I expect in about a week or so I might dig into the Robotech reference library. Now that I think about it, maybe I’ll do it more like this, a little after the new TRT is up. We’ll see!

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