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This Week’s Comics Haul 4/22/23 & 5/6/23

I started to write this round-up of the as-ever ridiculous pile of comics I walked away from the two Vintage Stock locations with on the Thursday following that weekend run; it was the first time I’d felt clear-headed and wide-awake during an evening all week long. Heaven knows this ain’t ever happening the night after — no, Saturday evenings after a successful outing are spent doing the ritualistic peeling of all the tape and price tags off the comic bags. Maybe if I’m lucky, actually opening one of the action figures I bought. Deeply silly how exhausting peeling a bunch of labels and tape can be, but after the twentieth time a piece of Scotch tape has decided to rip instead of cleanly come off of a poly bag, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to expend a lot of extra effort for the rest of an evening either …

Then the rest of that week and the following week got away from me, and … well, at first I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I pulled this whole thing off on a Saturday evening, like I said I couldn’t? And, reader, I did manage to finish writing up the pile from April 22nd, but I only managed to get this past weekend’s books unstickered and organized before crashing.

Let’s dig into the piles, shall we?