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This Week’s Comics Haul 7/1/23

It’s shockingly rare that me and my pal David’s every-other-week trips to Joplin to poke ’round the big chain stores for action figures and the two Vintage Stocks for back issues and current comics that I failed to order via my usual mail order place actually coincide with the big holiday weekend sales, but it did hit just right this past weekend, so I came home this time ’round with one hundred and fifteen comics, many of which were buy-one-get-one dollar books. Bear in mind, once again, the weird way Vintage Stock handles these during the holiday weekend sales is that it’s buy-one-get-one per price point, so I find myself fishing around for one more $1.99 comic because I’ve got nine of them and dang it, I need just one more free one, c’mon!

Now that I’ve gone through all of these for the blog, of course, I now also have to stick these in their right & proper spots in the ridiculous piles I’ve got all around my apartment — or, to banish them to the short boxes ’til such point as I decide I’ve got enough of whatever run to actually sit down & read ’em. Why do I make this into so much work for myself? Ugh.